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Reinventing Management

We, humankind, invented management and we can change it. And there is a lot that needs changing in mainstream management practice.

Inspired by Deming’s declaration that organisations should be managed as systems, and intervention theory – that changing thinking is the key – John Seddon developed the Vanguard Method.

Those who have employed the Vanguard Method testify to profound results in terms of revenue, cost, customer service, employee morale and capacity to innovate.

What our clients say

The Vanguard Method is fundamentally changing, for the better, what we can do for our customers and the culture within our business.
Darren Cornish, Aviva PLC Group Director
This method works really well in the 21st century, where people come to work not necessarily for a paycheck, especially the younger generation […] this gives you the opportunity as a leader to give your people that feeling that they are actually contributing something bigger that here is a purpose to their work.
Katharina Haase, Chief Operating Officer - Barclaycard Germany
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