Vanguard Method Applied in Children’s Services and Complex (Troubled Families)

Over the last 5/6 years Vanguard have been pioneering the application of Vanguard Method (Systems Thinking Method and Intervention Theory) in a number of Care Services including Children Services and Complex Families (Troubled Families agenda).

This section demonstrates how Vanguard Method can be applied in these systems.

Tactics for learning about how these systems are currently designed and the thinking that governs the current system design

The consequence in terms of system design and performance from the customers perspective of the current design.


  1. What we have learnt in Complex Families
  2. What we have learnt in Children Services
  3. Case studies post redesign of the system

All of the learning indicates that design of such services should be local, based in a locality with expertise as near to the customer as possible. Vanguard have over the last few years learnt that this is the only way to create value for the customer and value for public services and the state.

Current media coverage of health and care services is advocating integration of services to benefit the customer however there is no method being used that actually makes this a reality.  The Vanguard Method, if applied consistently and led by leaders, would provide:

  • a locally based service,
  • designed to meet the demand,
  • adaptable and flexible enough to ensure effective use of resources, and
  • with the objective of building upon the strengths of individuals and communities to create resilient and independent networks of support.

Such an approach would release capacity and result in yet unrealized potential.

Vanguard and Locality jointly published a report in 2014, which illustrates how the Vanguard Method has been applied across a range of different organisations, including Children’s Services and agencies involved in supporting Complex (Troubled) Families.  You can read it here.


Feedback from Check – Children Services

Children Services – redesign high level

REDESIGN – Children Services Learning so far – Jan 2011