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University of Buckingham
The Vanguard Method for People Centred Services


John Seddon speaks at University of Newcastle


The Whitehall Effect
The Vanguard Method in youth protection wins award


Jim Mather reviews The Whitehall Effect
Jim Mather reviews ‘The Whitehall Effect’


The Whitehall Effect
John Seddon’s best book yet: The Whitehall Effect


Vanguard and Locality: Saving money by doing the right thing
Report launch: Saving Money By Doing the Right Thing


Government Advisor backs Seddon's ideas
Government Advisor backs Seddon’s ideas


Kittens are Evil
Free summary of Kittens are Evil


back office
The back office: a train crash coming to a town near you


stoke kier logos2
Kier Stoke & Stoke-on-Trent City Council win prize


francis report logo
John Seddon on the Francis Report


John Seddon is a Witness on Moral Maze
John Seddon is a Witness on Moral Maze