The Local Government Association has published an account of Fareham Borough Council’s work in Building Services, Development Management, Benefits, Parking Enforcement, Environmental Health, Insurance and Housing using the Vanguard Method.
Executive Leader of Fareham Borough Council, Cllr Seán Woodward, said:

“This method is a fundamental rethink of service provision through the eyes of
the customer. For example, in housing repairs, instead of adopting a ‘standard fix
for all’ approach, officers have the freedom to solve the problem when they are at
the property, without having to go back to fill in a form. This approach has helped
to dramatically reduce the time it takes to repair something. This way of working
is all about driving out waste, those unnecessary stages in the customer’s
journey that lead to delay and frustration. The aim is to transform the way in
which employees do things, by putting the customer at the heart of everything we

Download the full case study.