kittens-bigThis brilliant little book is an education, if rather a disturbing one.

The Newcastle University Business School Little Heresies in Public Policy seminars provide a public platform to debate the neoliberal assumptions that underpin public sector policy. Kittens are Evil (such heresy!) is the first published collection of some of those seminars.

Eight heretics, all leading thinkers or practitioners in their professional fields, reveal the true cost to the social fabric of neoliberal thinking. They write about:

  • Marketisation – with reference to children’s services and elderly care in particular;
  • Family intervention – such as the Troubled Families Program
  • Medical research – how to design the perfect parent;
  • Private Sector management techniques –  ‘payment by results’, ‘league tables’, ‘targets’, ‘economies of scale’ and ‘inspection’;
  • Innovation – why government is incapable of it and disrupts change for the better;
  • Personalisation – why we must all pull our socks up and try harder to become perfect in every way.


  • John Seddon, leader of the Vanguard organisations
  • Kathy Evans, Chief Executive of Children England
  • Stephen Crossley, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Northumbria
  • Inspector Simon Guilfoyle, police inspector and systems thinker
  • Simon Caulkin, writer and editor
  • Toby Lowe, Senior Research Associate at Newcastle University Business School
  • Dr Simon Duffy, Founder and Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform
  • Professor Sue White, Professor of Social Work, University of Sheffield

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