A Masterclass presented by John Seddon

Tuesday 20th June 2017, Stadium MK, Milton Keynes Stadium

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Going beyond command and control requires no plan. Who would put increases in sales of 40% or halving operating costs in a plan? Who would throw away their Net-Promoter scores in favour of designing services that knock their customers out? Who would plan for radical improvement in social care, helping everyone who needs it, while cutting costs by dramatic amounts?

The designs for effectiveness are easy to understand; the hard part is getting there, but only in the sense that you have to deal with challenging counterintuitive truths.

In this Masterclass you will find out how big organisations (Aviva, Standard Bank Group, Topdanmark), small ones (Fareham Council, Fiscal Engineers), among many others, have gone beyond command and control. You will be astonished at the profound consequences for revenue, efficiency, customer service and morale.

In this unique event you will discover:

  • The common misconceptions about what’s wrong with ‘Command and Control’
  • Why ‘Control’ is the central problem
  • How conventional management controls create an illusion of control, demoralise workers and focus management’s attention on the wrong things
  • That budget management is at the heart of the disease, increasing costs and hampering effectiveness
  • Why change requires no plan
  • That change must start with knowledge, gained through studying the organisation as a system
  • The fundamental steps required to study service organisations as systems, with practical examples
  • Why effectiveness leads to efficiency and why a focus on efficiency damages effectiveness, driving costs up

The examples will be drawn from financial services, utilities, repairs and maintenance, health and care; and you will see how the same principles apply to a variety of services. You will leave knowing the practical steps you can take to go beyond command and control.

Places are £195 plus VAT per delegate.  Please contact Maria at office@vanguardconsult.co.uk to ask about group discounts.


John Seddon has received numerous academic awards for his contribution to management science. He was described by The Daily Telegraph as a ‘reluctant management guru’. The Vanguard organisations now operate in eleven countries; Vanguard clients experience, through the Vanguard Method a complete transformation in the way in which they design and manage work; their results are little short of astonishing.

To book your seat, download a Booking form here.