Progressive Leaders Summit
Melbourne, 2nd November 2017

Progressive thinking leads to outstanding results.

Join us at our exclusive one day event to hear progressive business leaders describe how their organisations have reduced cost by millions AND increased customer satisfaction.

We are launching the Progressive Leaders’ Summit 2017 as the only world-class event in Australia dedicated to providing progressive leaders in service organisations with an exclusive platform to connect with Australian and international peers.

Private sector: Increasing sales and reducing costs.

Through applying the Vanguard Method, progressive leaders in organisations like IOOF, Aviva, E.On, O2, and Lloyds Banking Group have achieved substantial, rapid and innovative change, which has delivered outstanding results in service, efficiency, revenue and morale.

Hear how progressive business leaders have answered these questions:

  • Management is resisting change. Why?
  • NPS scores are good, but customer complaints are still rising. Why is that?
  • Sales are not increasing fast enough. Why?
  • Why do customers have to go on a journey to get what they want, why not just give it to them?
  • Investment in digital technology isn’t achieving the desired return on invested capital. Why not?

Public Sector: Saving money by doing the right thing.

Through applying the Vanguard Method, progressive leaders in Child Protection, Adult Services, Health, Police, Emergency Services and Housing have achieved substantial, rapid and innovative change, which has improved people’s lives and significantly reduced costs.

Hear how progressive public sector leaders have answered these questions:

  • How do we increase capacity with a constraining budget?
  • We have integrated our services but we still experience resistance to change, why?
  • Demand for services is spiralling out of control, how do we manage?
  • How do we design services that make an actual difference to people’s lives?
  • Investment in digital technology isn’t addressing users issues. Why not?
Learn how to save money AND increase customer satisfaction.

Conventional thinkers argue that you cannot save money and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. Pioneers in service organisations have proven this to be a fallacy.

Using the Vanguard Method, these pioneers have understood why they are failing customers – despite the best efforts, commitment, and skills of people within their organisation – and how to fix it.

At the Progressive Leaders Summit you will see the principles they have employed to design far more effective services; and to top it all off, you will see how improving effectiveness drives up customer satisfaction and at the same time drives down costs – and not by a little, but by a lot.

Each pioneer started in the same place – studying their services from a different point of view; you will hear how studying reveals counter-intuitive truths that fundamentally challenges thinking. This leads to astonishing results; with each pioneering leader acknowledging that results were far beyond anything that conventionally might have been thought achievable in any usual plan.

This is a well-trodden path that you will be able to follow; no need for faith or hope, no worries about whether it could work for you, only confidence that if you do as these pioneers have done you will achieve similarly remarkable results.

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