16th May 2018
London Bridge

Delighting customers and shareholders

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This one-day event focuses on successful digital transformations in financial services organisations.  You will hear from leaders who have achieved significant results using the Vanguard Method – digitising customer journeys effectively, delighting customers and delivering for shareholders at the same time.

Speakers include:

  • Patrick Eltridge, CIO RBS Group
  • Angela Mhlanga, CEO Hollard Partner Solutions
  • Alessandro Colafranceschi, Co-founder and CEO PravAle PTY Ltd, former Executive Head of Digital Banking at Standard Bank Group and UniCredit Group
  • Justin Watts, Head of Systems Thinking, E2E Transformation, Lloyd’s Banking Group
  • Dave Kerr, Customer Journey Design Senior Manager, Lloyd’s Banking Group
  • Professor John Seddon, Managing Director, Vanguard Consulting

Showcasing digital transformation using the Vanguard Method:

  • Real returns from digital spend without locking-in costs from failure demand.
  • Improving digital customer journeys from all-channel insights
  • Investing digital money wisely through understanding what matters to your customers
  • End-to-end value-chain optimisation in insurance: brokers, insurers, repairers, suppliers
  • Preventing digital development teams working on the ‘wrong problems’
  • Failure demand as a signal that customer journeys – and costs – aren’t optimised
  • How to avoid digitising waste and driving failure demand into other channels
  • Rapid IT development in social housing

Be astonished at the profound results in revenue, efficiency, customer service and morale. Some examples:

  • Savings: £100M over 5 years (Insurance), £1.7M in six months (Banking and Insurance Group), £2.5M annual savings (Banking)
  • Sales up +15%, faster quotes, retention improved 20%, doubled ‘active’ customers
  • Increased Productivity: Mortgages applications per FTE increased by 50%, Pensions employee capacity for value-add activities increased by 40%.
  • Insurance indemnity spend down, customer lifecycles halved, customer satisfaction at record levels (NPS from -5% to >90%).
  • Digital development costs reduced by 98%. Digital development times down by 90%
  • Credit Card and Loan acceptance rates up by over a quarter, approval times halved
  • Failure Demand reductions: down from 35% to 0% (mortgage servicing); from 70% to 18% (commercial accounts).
  • Staff Engagement scores doubled, attrition reduced by two thirds.
  • Rapid IT development led a housing organisation to drop a £500K IT ‘solution’ for one that cost £4k and it WORKS.

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Price £495.00 plus VAT (per delegate)