21st February 2018

10.00am  – 3.00pm

Hosted by Devon County Council at the Coaver Conference Centre EX2 4PS

There is growing recognition that the current system of (command and control) management isn’t working and that meeting today’s challenges means thinking differently. Traditional approaches to change through initiatives, projects and improvement ‘tools’ don’t change thinking, nor do they change the system – leaving leaders continuing to wrestle with common issues. Many are asking themselves the same questions:

  • How do we maintain service, or services with a constraining budget?
  • Demand for services is spiraling out of control, how do we manage?
  • How can we grow further value (revenue) from our customers?
  • How do we move beyond cycles of projects and initiatives that repeatedly try to solve the same problem without much apparent effect?
  • We’ve integrated our services but are not seeing the level of benefits or positive change we’d anticipated. Why is that?
  • Commissioning has placed citizens at some distance from us. How do we know whether what we commission actually meets need or goes under or over it?
  • How do we design services that make an actual difference to people’s lives?
  • Investment in digital technology isn’t achieving the desired return on invested capital. Why is that?
  • NPS scores are good, but customer complaints are still rising. Why is that?

The answers lie in understanding why command and control thinking doesn’t work and in building a deeper understanding of what ‘beyond’ looks like.  Local networks are an opportunity for the curious and those on the journey to explore current challenges, and share learning and successes together.

Join other members (from across public, private & voluntary sectors) at the launch event to:

  • understand and reflect on what is meant by command and control, how it impacts on performance and what problems it’s creating for you right now
  • learn why current approaches to change need to change – and what a better alternative looks like
  • hear from some of those already on the journey – their perspectives & insights
  • design together what you want the network to be / do for you
  • establish new contacts and share learning experiences and challenges
  • explore common problems and topical issues and take away practical things to do when you get back


Network Membership

  • Free to join
  • Free Newsletter
  • Discount on Vanguard Masterclasses

Local Network

  • Meet like minded people
  • Share learning and insights
  • Reassurance that you’re not mad or alone!
  • Help with problems you’re trying to solve
  • Support to get started or stay on track
  • Learn tactics to get others curious without alienating them

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There is no charge to attend the launch but booking is essential

Please email office@vanguardconsult.co.uk or contact Maria on 01280 8222555