How to eradicate failure demand to build an agile enterprise

15th November 2018

10am – 4pm

Near Birmingham International Airport

At the world’s first International Summit on Failure Demand, discover:

  • How to eradicate failure demand in your own organization
  • The benefits of eliminating failure demand, from industry insiders
  • How stripping away failure demand leads to radical innovation across every sector

Learn from innovative industry leaders who have eradicated failure demand with astonishing results – huge gains in capacity, massive reductions in cost and game-changing innovations in customer service and product development:

  • Professor John Seddon, Vanguard Consulting
  • Darren Cornish, Group Director Customer Experience at Aviva PLC
  • Patrick Hoare, Senior Continuous Improvement Consultant, Principality Building Society
  • Meilys Heulfryn-Smith, Senior Business Manager, Adults, Health and Wellbeing Department, Gwynedd Council
  • Martin Heath, manager of Repairs, Voids and Logistics for Unitas (council-owned company responsible for maintaining Stoke-on-Trent’s 18,500 council houses)
  • Jo Gibson, Senior Consultant, Vanguard Consulting

Book your place at the definitive summit for the service industry on failure demand, from the people who discovered it. Find out how to get rid of failure demand in your own sector to build a truly agile enterprise.

Look out for further announcements confirming the speakers.

What is failure demand?

Failure demand is a huge untapped reservoir of FREE improvement for those in the know.

Failure to do something – turn up, call back, deliver something – causes the customer to make another demand on the system. A failure to do something right – not solve a problem, send out wrong or incomprehensible forms, turn up at the wrong time – similarly generates knock-on demand and extra work.

Why does it matter?

It matters because it causes problems for customers, costs money, frustrates staff and slows down your organization, making innovation almost impossible.

Radical innovation

The good news is that being self-generated, failure demand is under YOUR control. Failure demand represents enormous potential for improvement. Eradicating it, or at least reducing it, provides a double hit. It cuts the cost of service by reducing rework and duplication. But at the same time – the big secret – it also frees up the capacity to innovate and design game-changing products and services.

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