15th November 2018

10am – 4pm

At the world’s first International Summit on Failure Demand near Birmingham International Airport, discover how to:

  • Unlock the largest lever for service improvement and cost reduction
  • Understand the causes of failure demand
  • Learn how to achieve huge gains in capacity, massive reductions in waste and considerable cost savings to create a truly agile enterprise

At this special one-day event on failure demand, hear from leaders in different sectors who have achieved astonishing results using the Vanguard Method:

  • Professor John Seddon, Vanguard Consulting
  • Darren Cornish, Group Director Customer Experience at Aviva PLC
  • Patrick Hoare, Senior Continuous Improvement Consultant, Principality Building Society
  • Meilys Heulfryn-Smith, Senior Business Manager, Adults, Health and Wellbeing Department, Gwynedd Council
  • Martin Heath, manager of Repairs, Voids and Logistics for Unitas (council-owned company responsible for maintaining Stoke-on-Trent’s 18,500 council houses)
  • Jo Gibson, Senior Consultant, Vanguard Consulting

John Seddon coined the now ubiquitous term “failure demand” back in the 1980’s as a result of studying services as whole systems from the customers’ perspective.

This viewpoint revealed that significant volumes of demand were entering services as a result of a failure of the system to do something or do something right for the customer. Thus “failure demand” was born.

Today, the concept of failure demand has taken hold as something that should be managed – particularly as equating volumes of failure demand to activity (and thereby FTE costs) present an obvious and significant opportunity for budget savings.

The go-to solutions are therefore typically focused on how to better control activity (or the people doing the activity).

But what of the real cause; the perspectives and assumptions that are shaping the very design and control of the work, and the behaviours of the people doing it?

Eradicating failure demand is a thinking issue not an activity issue. To truly eradicate failure demand requires fresh thinking; thinking beyond command and control.

Moving beyond enables leaders to design services against value not cost and, counter intuitively, build a truly agile enterprise – one designed to respond reactively and proactively to the ever-changing needs of customers, and to do so without causing failure demand.

This conference will provide insights into what going beyond command and control means, and the profound benefits that can be achieved in doing so.

Look out for further announcements confirming the speakers.

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