Beyond Command and Control: A Masterclass

Thursday 20th June 2019
Forest of Arden, Nr Birmingham airport

Many organisations have gone beyond command-and-control management; the results – quality of service, efficiency and morale – are nothing short of jaw-dropping. In this unique Masterclass you’ll find out how they went about it. We, humankind, invented management, we can change it. Many have crossed the Rubicon, are you ready to join them?

What’s the problem with ‘command and control’? Many people think ‘command’ is the problem – bosses being too bossy – and the remedies are ‘servant leadership’, ‘respect for people’ and the like. But actually the problem is ‘control’ – management’s theories of control which, as you will see, are ineffective controls.

How do you make this change? Unusually this change requires no plan, no project management; no deliverables, milestones or cost/benefit analyses. It requires studying in order to learn a series of counterintuitive truths. You will see practical examples of what studying reveals, opening the minds of leaders to changing the way they think about management.

Beyond budgeting Budget management is the central means of control. Everyone accepts there are problems with budget management; Vanguard has pioneered a powerful new approach to understanding how organisations generate and use money. Working from this better perspective dissolves the need for budget management, you’ll see how and why.

Digital services The command and control mantra of functionalising work has shaped IT and digital thinking to at best do things better but much more commonly to do the wrong things righter. Find out what’s been going wrong with the rush to digital services and how Vanguard’s ‘IT last’ approach leads to doing better things; creating digital services that work for customers as well as radically reducing expenditure on IT.

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