People Centred Services – Redesign Course
Vanguard Consulting and Kingston and St George’s University of London
3-month course starting 21 and 22 May 2019.


This course takes you and your services to the next stage of applying the Vanguard Method in people centred services. It helps you to set in place roles and structures that will sustain   the redesigned service. The course covers the period from validation of ‘Check’ through to ‘Redesign’- a period of experimentation – and a plan for ‘Roll-in’. At the end of the course, you will be awarded a Practitioner Certificate of Competence in the Vanguard Method. 


  • To help students who have already undertaken Check – a study of the ‘what and why’ of a people centred service – to then apply new operating principles in order to redesign that service in such a way as to better enable achievement of purpose from a citizen’s point of view. 
  • To further develop the students’ skills and knowledge about how to sustain and maintain a redesigned service in order to adapt to future internal and external changes. 

Dates and venue

The course is made up of 6 taught days and 3 on-site consultancy days over a period of 3 months from May 2019 until  July 2019.

Module 1 – two-day taught session – 21st and 22nd May 2019

In a location convenient for students -to be agreed before the course starts.

Module 2 – two-day taught session – 18th and 19th June 2019

In a location convenient for students -to be agreed on Module 1.

Module 3 – two-day taught session – 23rd and 24th July 2019

In a location convenient for students -to be agreed on Module 1.

Consultancy support

A maximum of 3 days of on-site consultancy support will be available for each student from May 2019 onwards.

Support will also be available via the e-learning site and telephone/Skype calls to ensure you get plenty of support in the redesign stages.

Benefits of this course

  • The ability to apply theory in your own organisation with a group of your own colleagues to achieve sustainable change
  • Shared learning with people from other people centred services going through the same process
  • The opportunity to make connections between other systems and your own
  • The potential to network and build long- term relationships with like-minded people

Entry requirements

You will have already undertaken Check within your people centred service and you are now ready to redesign the service. Alternatively, you may have had a go at the stages of Check and Redesign but are finding it a challenge to sustain the new ways of working.

Before attempting to redesign the service you have studied, course tutors will validate what you and your cohort learnt during the Check process.

Set-up in your own organisation

You will need to be able to do the following:

  • Identify a senior leader to lead Redesign and be accountable for the experimentation with new ways of working 
  • Link to senior leaders on a regular basis 
  • Pull in support services – IT, Finance, HR, etc. as and when needed 
  • Dedicate a space to use to map the redesign and develop a ‘blockage board.’ 

Method of learning

The course will use normative (action-learning) approaches to help students understand the fundamentals of redesigning a people centred service within a locality/area. 

The above will be developed over several weeks/months and is all action-based. This will involve some theory input plus use of the e-learning site and a lot of application in the work taking live cases. 

The course is a mix of theory and tactics discussed in the classroom based on the Vanguard Method and your learning. The 3 days on-site consultancy support will enable you and course tutors to evaluate how well the elements of redesign – purpose-measures-method are being embedded.


There will be some initial theory input and then we will agree with you some on-site support over the duration of the course.  This will allow you to have a go at experimenting with new principles and measures as well as starting to understand the implications this will have on roles, structure and costs (the economics of the system). 

We will set you and your service up to start the redesign using one case at a time. This MUST include senior leader(s) and the team that you have identified to do the work to redesign and experiment.  

We will also give you tactics for engaging others, especially the leaders in your organisation and any partner organisations. 

The course will cover: 

  • The importance of working to the purpose of the service as seen through the eyes of the citizen. How to establish new operating principles to underpin the redesigned service 
  • Identification of the value work in the service
  • Some tactics to identify and actively remove the non-value work (the waste within the service) 
  • Identification of ‘blockages’ – creating a live ‘blockage board’ and problem solving methodology to support the redesigned service 
  • How to establish new measures, and then how to hardwire them into the new service 
  • How to develop a process that enables reflection and learning after each case has been dealt with whilst building the capability of the team in that service
  • Identification of  core roles and support roles, and what skills will be needed
  • Identification of implications of the newly redesigned service for overall organisational structure
  • The strategic implications in terms of the roles, structure and budgets within people centred services that cross into multiple organisations
  • A new perspective on the economics within a people centred service 
  • Development of workers and leaders in the new way of thinking and working
  • Specific focus on the role of a systems thinking leader and what skills and knowledge they will need  
  • Working with elected members, board members and stakeholders within the service
  • Locality based approaches to redesigning people centred services. 
  • Building a plan for ‘Roll-in’, ensuring that the relevant support roles (IT, finance and HR among others) understand the method to be used and their role in supporting the work in Redesign and Roll-in.  


The cost of the course is £6500 + VAT.