Getting started with moving your thinking Beyond Command and Control has never been easier.

This practical programme guides you through what we call ‘Check’, the first stage in the Vanguard Method.  You will learn to study your own organisation as a system, to understand the ‘what and why’ of current performance, the cornerstone of challenging and changing conventional assumptions about the design and management of work. Studying is the prerequisite to dramatically improving citizens’ lives, increasing capacity and driving out the costs of waste. You will join a small group of like-minded individuals to optimise your learning.  The online programme will have 8 teaching days, where you will be guided by Vanguard experts, and there is a requirement to undertake action learning in your work between the teaching days.

By the end of the programme which you will:

  • Be equipped with the skills and knowledge to 1) study your organisation as a system (systems theory); and 2) help others to change their thinking about the design and management of work (intervention theory).
  • Have visibility of the fundamental relationship between thinking, system and performance in your system.
  • Understand the size and nature of the opportunity for improvement.
  • Have sight of what’s possible beyond Check in terms of experimenting with a new way of thinking and working (‘Redesign’), and making this normal and sustainable (‘Roll-in’).
  • Be in a position to make an informed choice about what action to take next.

Who is it for?

This programme is for people working in People Centred Systems, namely those organisations in the public, private or third sector whose services are primarily concerned with people’s welfare, such as social care, home care, health, housing, homelessness, benefits, council tax, advice and emergency services.

The programme will create value for anyone at any stage of their career. However, it is invaluable for managers, lead practitioners and other senior decision-makers who are pivotal to leading their systems Beyond Command and Control.

The programme is highly adaptable and can be tailored to accommodate groups of people from the same system, the same organisation, or associated agencies. If you would like to discuss your particular circumstances or requirements, please do get in touch with to explore things further.


£2,000 + VAT per person

We are finalising the timings of the programme, which will not commence before June 2021.  As the group size will be limited, please contact us now to register your interest and reserve a place without obligation.

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