An integral component of any Vanguard Consulting intervention is to equip managers with knowledge and skills – we call this ‘know-how’ in the Vanguard Method – such that organisational improvement is self-sustaining. 

Anyone can – and we would clearly advocate should! – learn the Vanguard Method and apply it in their own organisation. Not only will this deliver outstanding performance improvements for the organisation but also turbo-charge the career development of those who get involved. We have certainly witnessed not only numerous individual managers progress to senior roles on the back of having delivered outstanding results through deploying the Vanguard Method, but that the number of recruiters actively looking for change agents with experience in applying the Method has grown exponentially over recent years.

So we are now taking a step forward and offering Vanguard Method know-how independent of consulting interventions, and we plan to support this in a way that best enables you to lead change for yourself. This service is relevant whether you are an operational leader or change agent, whether you or your organisation may already be on the journey beyond command and control, or have yet to embark.

The focus is on individual capability building; upgrading and updating your experience and skills in the context of your current assignments and getting you ready for your next high-flying role.

Know-How Transfer – How Does it Work?

Importantly, our know-how solutions are individually tailored to you – the practitioner. As such, the first step is an exploratory discussion about your needs, goals and organisational context with a Vanguard Method mentor.

Based on this understanding, there are a number of approaches to support learning and benefit delivery activities, but all will maintain a connectivity to your mentor depending on your needs and budget. The broad options are: ‘light touch’ support or predominantly self-help solutions, group facilitated learning and focused 1 to 1 mentoring.

The following elements combine into a bespoke service for each participant:

1. One Day Masterclasses

Sign up for one of our highly practical one day masterclasses to find out how the Vanguard Method can help you achieve profound results in your organisation.

2. The Vanguard e-Learning Support Platform

Here practitioners will be given access to an online knowledge base that documents in detail the key steps of the Vanguard Method. The e-learning platform is the basic element of the know-how transfer programme. All packages will be built on it. You will use it for individual study and leading change. Have a look at the introductory section to the e-learning platform – you can access it for free.
Your mentor will, depending on the support subscription agreed, answer questions that may come up, and guide you as necessary, as you progress through the e-learning material and its application in a real-life organisational change environment.

3.  The Vanguard Four Day Action Learning Masterclass

This hands-on programme is designed to teach delegates the basics of the Vanguard Method and how to apply it in their organisation. Delivered by an expert Vanguard consultant, it will challenge conventional approaches to the design and management of work and how this impacts performance in your workplace. Find out more and sign up.

4.  Group Learning Cohorts

The learning cohort programmes are designed to support the three key phases of the Vanguard system transformation:

  • ‘Get knowledge’
  • ‘Redesign’ – proof of concept and prototype
  • ‘Making normal’ – sustaining the new system

You will join a ‘cohort’ of practitioners, normally 5 or 6 people, selected based on their similarities (learning stage,sector or context).

5.  Vanguard Mentoring

This is a bespoke service, completely dedicated to your needs, based on an agreed day rate or fee. The learning goals, benefits and developmental outcomes are discussed beforehand with each participant and will inform the design of this service.

6.  Accreditation

Two types of accreditation are available:

  • Vanguard accreditation: For all of the approaches above, we can design into the programme an accreditation component to recognise different competencies. 
  • Academic accreditation: For those who want the formal academic route, we also provide a university accredited action-learning course held at Kingston University London. Find out more and apply.

Would you like to find out more? Please get in touch to discuss your interests and needs. Email Toby Rubbra: