Conventional management thinking contains many traditions that need to be questioned, for while they may be normal, they are not productive.

The Vanguard Method reveals a number of counter-intuitive truths, which when understood and made the basis for management action lead to profoundly different approaches to change and organisation design.

Traditions to be questioned
introducing change without knowledge 168 x 168controlling what is said to the customer 168 x 168 fixing problems not solving them 168 x 168making decisions without knowledge 168 x 168managers know best 168 x 168 functional work design 168 x 168management by the number s 168 x 168 setting standards 168 x 168thinking good enough 168 x 168 using reports as substitutes for action 168 x 168using the hierarchy to find out what's going on 168 x 168 using the hierarchy to solve problems 168 x 168targets 168 x 168

management's job as control 168 x 168


Counter-intuitive truths
the core paradigm 168 x 168 economy of scale is a myth 168 x 168manage value not cost 168 x 168 effective change requires no plan 168 x 168improve before you share 168 x 168 culture change is free 168 x 168purpose measures method 168 x 168 demand is the greatest lever 168 x 168